A wealth of experience

The Principal Asset Management Berhad Board of Directors and Senior Management represent a diverse array of industries and credentials, as well as an overarching commitment to community involvement.

Our leaders strive to uphold our history of ethics and integrity, creating a top-down commitment to corporate responsibility and driving our mission to help people and businesses achieve financial security and success.

Board of Directors

    Wong Joon Hian

    Independent Non-Executive Director

    Wong has been an independent non-executive director of Principal Asset Management Berhad since 22 August 2007.…

    Juan Eyzaguirre

    Non-Independent Executive Director

    Juan has 30 years of experience in various senior positions in asset management, banking, insurance and fund m…

    Munirah Khairuddin

    Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director

    Munirah joined Principal Asset Management Berhad (formerly known as CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad…

    Pedro Esteban Borda

    Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

    He is Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President for Principal International. He is also a Non-Ind…

    Effendy Shahul Hamid

    Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

    Effendy is responsible for the development of CIMB Group’s new and disruptive revenue and value creation…

    Hisham Bin Zainal Mokhtar

    Independent Non-Executive Director

    Hisham presently is an…

    Paul Wong Chee Kin

    Non-Independent, Non-Executive Director

    Paul Wong was appointed as Group Chief Operations Officer on 1 October 2018 with key focus in strategizing and…

    A.Huzaime Bin Dato’ Abdul Hamid

    Director, Principal Asset Management

    Has been a Director of Principal Asset Management since 2 May 2013.


  • Munirah Khairuddin

    Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia

    Munirah joined Principal Asset Management Berhad (formerly known as CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad…

  • Patrick Chang

    Chief Investment Officer

    Patrick was appointed as the Chief Investment Officer on 22 February 2016. He comes with an extensive 16…

  • Alberto Reyes

    Chief Financial Officer

    E-mail: alberto.reyes@principal.com.my

  • Jacqueline Lai

    Head, Compliance

    E-mail: jacqueline.lai@principal.com.my

  • Paramjit Kaur Dhillon

    Head, Legal

    E-mail: paramjit.dhillon@principal.com.my

  • Lim Khai Qi

    Head, Risk Management

    E-mail: khaiqi.lim@principal.com.my

  • Sazulhisyam Samsuri

    Head, Information Technology

    E-mail: sazulhisyam.samsuri@principal.com.my

  • Ong Ee Lyn

    Head, Human Resource

    E-mail: eelyn.ong@principal.com.my

  • Jessica Loh

    Head, Operations

    E-mail: jessica.loh@principal.com.my

  • Shirley Foo

    Head, Product Development

    E-mail: shirley.foo@principal.com.my

  • Freddie Acho Bian

    Head, Retirement Services

    E-mail: freddie.bian@principal.com.my

  • Michael Tan

    Head, Institutional and Corporate Sales

    E-mail: michael.tan@principal.com.my

  • Harry Leong

    Head, Financial Intermediary Sales

    E-mail: harry.leong@principal.com.my

  • Grace Allison Toh

    Head, Agency and Business Development

    E-mail: grace.toh@principal.com.my