A wealth of experience

The Principal Asset Management Berhad Board of Directors and Senior Management represent a diverse array of industries and credentials, as well as an overarching commitment to community involvement.

Our leaders strive to uphold our history of ethics and integrity, creating a top-down commitment to corporate responsibility and driving our mission to help people and businesses achieve financial security and success.

Board of Directors

    Juan Eyzaguirre

    Non-Independent Executive Director

    Juan has 30 years of experience in various senior positions in asset management, banking, insurance and fund m…

    Thomas Cheong

    Alternate Director

    Thomas Cheong joined Principal Financial Group (PFG) in January 2015 to lead Principal's operations in North A…

    Wong Joon Hian

    Independent Non-Executive Director

    Wong has been an independent non-executive director of Principal Asset Management Berhad since 22 August 2007.…

    Munirah Khairuddin

    Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director

    Munirah joined Principal Asset Management Berhad (formerly known as CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad…

    Pedro Esteban Borda

    Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

    He is Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President for Principal International. He is also a Non-Ind…

    Effendy Shahul Hamid

    Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

    Effendy is responsible for the development of CIMB Group’s new and disruptive revenue and value creation…

    Hisham Bin Zainal Mokhtar

    Independent Non-Executive Director

    Hisham presently is an…

    Paul Wong Chee Kin

    Non-Independent, Non-Executive Director

    Paul Wong was appointed as Group Chief Operations Officer on 1 October 2018 with key focus in strategizing and…

    A.Huzaime Bin Dato’ Abdul Hamid

    Director, Principal Asset Management

    Has been a Director of Principal Asset Management since 2 May 2013.


  • Munirah Khairuddin

    Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia

    Munirah joined Principal Asset Management Berhad (formerly known as CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad…

  • Patrick Chang

    Chief Investment Officer

    Patrick was appointed as the Chief Investment Officer on 22 February 2016. He comes with an extensive 16…

  • Alberto Reyes

    Chief Financial Officer

    E-mail: alberto.reyes@principal.com.my

  • Jacqueline Lai

    Head, Compliance

    E-mail: jacqueline.lai@principal.com.my

  • Paramjit Kaur Dhillon

    Head, Legal

    E-mail: paramjit.dhillon@principal.com.my

  • Lim Khai Qi

    Head, Risk Management

    E-mail: khaiqi.lim@principal.com.my

  • Sazulhisyam Samsuri

    Head, Information Technology

    E-mail: sazulhisyam.samsuri@principal.com.my

  • Ong Ee Lyn

    Head, Human Resource

    E-mail: eelyn.ong@principal.com.my

  • Jessica Loh

    Head, Operations

    E-mail: jessica.loh@principal.com.my

  • Shirley Foo

    Head, Product Development

    E-mail: shirley.foo@principal.com.my

  • Shirley Foo

    Head, Retirement Services

    E-mail: shirley.foo@principal.com.my

  • Michael Tan

    Head, Institutional and Corporate Sales

    E-mail: michael.tan@principal.com.my

  • Harry Leong

    Head, Financial Intermediary Sales

    E-mail: harry.leong@principal.com.my

  • Grace Allison Toh

    Head, Agency and Business Development

    E-mail: grace.toh@principal.com.my