Goh Chian Chang, Chief Agency Business and Development Officer

Goh Chian Chang joined Principal Asset Management Berhad in December 2023. Goh is responsible for the overall agency distribution to drive and accelerate our agency business into a formidable agency franchise that will deliver professional financial advice and differentiated investment to our customers. This will further solidify and catapult our agency business to the next level.

Goh brings with him 24 years of working experience in the Financial Services industry, 11 years in the Asset Management industry under the Agency Development function, and 13 years in the Life Insurance industry, holding various leadership roles in Agency Development, Agency Training, Agency Strategy, Change Management and Agency Transformation. Prior to joining, Goh was the Head of Agency Strategy, Agency Transformation and Chief Agency Officer (CAO) APEX Agency at PT AIA Financial, Indonesia.

Goh graduated from the University of South Australia, with a Bachelor of Business double majoring in Banking and Finance. He was awarded “The Institute Prize” and lifetime membership by Australian Institute of Banking and Finance.