Investing with our financial consultant

  • We provide wealth management solutions comprising wealth creation, protection, and preservation

  • We work with you to understand your needs and establish your financial goals

  • Our Shariah-compliant financial solutions and planning helps you accumulate, distribute and protect in accordance with Islamic values and principles, along with Shariah and Al-Falah requirements.

  • We will monitor and review your investments regularly.

  • We are highly certified - our expertise and ethics standards are recognised by the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM)


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Principal Direct Access (PDA)

  • Our consultants will be able to give you appropriate investment recommendation based on the information gathered in our PDA.

  • Open an investment account and transact online with consultant’s assistant and expertise.

  • Peace of mind with OTP validation for your investment transactions.

  • Seamless online transfer funds, of up to RM300,000.

  • Invest anywhere, and anytime digitally with professional consultant services


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