Wong Loke Chin , Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income

Wong Loke Chin is a seasoned portfolio manager with more than 29 years of relevant experience in managing Domestic fixed income investments for retail, institutional, corporate and insurance clients. He has also gained over 12 years of experience managing global fixed income investment for institutional investors. Loke Chin joined Principal Asset Management Berhad (formerly known as CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad) in January 2005 from CIMB’s Debt Markets and Derivatives Department, where he managed fixed income portfolios of institutional clients. Prior to joining CIMB in 2001, he had more than 6 years’ experience in fixed income investment within the insurance industry.

Loke Chin holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of New South Wales, Australia and is a member of the Financial Markets Association Malaysia. He obtained his fund manager’s representative license in January 2005.