Products & Services - Financial Inclusion

We believe financial education and opportunity can lift up people of all backgrounds. We're working to reach them with information and resources that resonate. We also focus on providing more inclusive investment solutions so that financial security is accessible to all.

On-going educational content

Ongoing educational content

Through our educational content—articles, advertorials, webinars, podcasts, and more—we bring financial literacy to people where and when they need it.

Digital solutions - Financial inclusion

Digital solutions

With Principal e-cash Fund, more people can start their investing journey, with  as little as RM10.00 to earn daily returns.


Investment portal

Investment portal

Customers are now able to digitally tap into the retirement and asset management expertise from Principal and invest using cash or their EPF funds, empowering them to take greater control of their investments.



Principal Direct Access - Financial inclusion

Principal Direct Access

Our financial consultants are equipped with Principal Direct Access (PDA) – an online onboarding tool to ease customers’ investing experience with us.  It also allows our consultants to provide simple financial advice to our customers.