Principal Emerging Markets Multi Asset Fund (formerly known as CIMB-Principal Emerging Markets Multi Asset Fund) Class EUR-Hedged

Fund Performance

As at date : 31-07-2021
Year To Date Performance (%) 1Year (%) 3Year (%) 5year (%) Since Inception (%) NAV (EUR) Fund Size (million)
Principal Emerging Markets Multi Asset Fund (formerly known as CIMB-Principal Emerging Markets Multi Asset Fund) Class EUR-Hedged 2.17% 14.90% 22.81% 0.00% 24.92% 1.2492 0.00

Income Distribution History

Disclaimer : Annualised yield is calculated as the most recent monthly dividend distribution multiplied by the Fund’s dividend frequency and divided by the latest NAV.

Unit Split History

General Information

The Fund aims to maximize total return through investments in one collective investment scheme, which invests primarily in assets of the emerging markets. The Fund is established with a multi-class structure and is allowed to establish new Class(es) from time to time without your prior consent.

The recommended investment timeframe for this Fund is three (3) years or more. The Fund best suits you if you:

  • are a Sophisticated Investors;
  • have a medium to long term investment horizon; and
  • seek to maximise total return whilst willing to accept higher levels of volatility associated with investments in a target fund investing in multi assets of emerging markets which actively adjusts investment exposures.

Fund Details

Distribution Policy

Quarterly, depending on the availability of realised income and/or realised gains and at our discretion. We have the right to make provisions for reserves in respect of distribution of the Class. If the income available is too small or insignificant, any distribution may not be of benefit to you as the total cost to be incurred in any such distribution may be higher than the amount for distribution. We have the discretion to decide on
the amount to be distributed to you. We also have the discretion to make income distribution on an ad-hoc basis, taking into consideration the level of its realised income and/or realised gains, as well as the performance of the Fund.

Investment Time Horizon

Three (3) years or more.

Initial Investment

Minimum EUR 2,000 or such other amount as we may decide from time to time.

Additional Investment

Minimum EUR 1,000 or such other amount as we may decide from time to time.

Cooling off period

Six (6) Business Days from the date the application form is received and accepted by us or Distributors from the first time investor. However, Principal Asset Management’s staff and person(s) registered to deal in unit trust of Principal Asset Management or any Distributors are not entitled to the cooling-off right.

Minimum Withdrawal

1,000 units

Launch Date

2 July 2018.

Fund Partner

  • Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad
  • Standard Chartered Bank (Malaysia) Berhad
  • Citibank Berhad
  • CIMB Bank Berhad
  • iFast Capital Sdn Bhd

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Fund Fees

Application Fees:

Up to 5.50% of the NAV per unit.

Management Fee:

Up to 1.80% per annum of the NAV of the Class.

Trustee Fee :

0.04% per annum of the NAV of the Fund (including local custodian fees and charges but excluding foreign sub-custodian fees and charges).

Switching Fees

Since switching is treated as a withdrawal from one class or fund and an investment into another class or fund, you will be charged a Switching Fee equal to the difference (if any) between the Fees of the Class and Application Fees of the other class or fund. Switching Fee will not be charged if the class or fund to be switched into has a lower Application Fee.
We may impose EUR35  (or equivalent) administrative fee for every switch made out of any of the CIMB-Principal Funds. You may negotiate to lower the Switching Fee and/or administrative fee. We also have the discretion to waive the Switching Fee and/or administrative fees.