Non-business day for Principal China Multi Asset Income Fund (CMAI)

  • Due to Bank holiday in HK and China and no trading can be done during this period, we will need to declare a non-business day for 01 July 2024.

Public Holidays Announcement_23102023

CMAI - Business Day

Mondays to Fridays when Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad is open for trading, and banks in Kuala Lumpur and/or Selangor are open for business. In respect of the Target Fund, it means a day on which the banks in Hong Kong and regulated markets in countries where the Target Fund is materially invested are normally open for business.

Note: We may declare certain Business Days to be a non-Business Day if the jurisdiction of the Target Fund declares a non-business day an/or if the Target Fund Manager declares a non-dealing day. This information will be communicated to you via our website.