Don’t wait until year end rush, top up your retirement savings now.

Kick start your retirement savings with Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) today and be rewarded. 
Campaign valid from now till 31 December 2021.


Exclusive for existing and new PRS members:

  • Principal’s Direct Marketing
  • New sign up via PPA Online
Campaign criteria

Campaign criteria

Invest minimum RM3,000 lump-sum contribution into PRS Fund Class A only. 



Touch 'n Go eWallet Reload Pin value:
  • RM30 for Existing PRS Member
  • RM40 for New PRS Member

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Why save more for retirement?

Chances are, you’ll live longer in retirement than you did working. It’s important to have multiple sources of income to rely on. The earlier you start, planning and investing for retirement - the more impact you can have on your total retirement picture and reap these benefits:

Graph up Potentially grow savings

Arrow Reasonable hedge against inflation

Dollar Take advantage of compound earnings

Plus, with PRS there are tax advantages. Every year, you enjoy personal tax relief* in addition to the RM6,000 per year tax relief for the mandatory retirement savings contribution and life insurance premiums. This could be as much as RM840 per year (depending on your tax bracket). 

*For contributions into the PRS and deferred annuities effective from years of assessment 2012 to 2025.


For any assistance, please contact:

Mr. Tan Shan Leong
Specialist, PRS Sales

Phone no. +603 2084 8935

Phone no. +6012 923 9222



Mr. Safwan bin Samsudin 
Specialist, PRS Sales

Phone no. +603 2084 8301

Phone no. +6017 362 6540



Principal Retirement Services

Phone no. +603 2084 8935


Alternatively, you can call our Customer Care Centre at +603 7723 7260 or you can leave your detail here.

Terms and conditions apply.
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Disclaimer: We recommend that you read and understand the contents of the Second Replacement Disclosure Document and its Supplemental Document (collectively refers as “Disclosure Document”) for Principal PRS Plus^ & Principal Islamic PRS Plus^ dated 22 April 2020 and 22 April 2021 respectively which have been duly registered with the Securities Commission Malaysia (“SC”), before contributing and that you keep the said Disclosure Documents for your records. The registration of the Disclosure Documents with the SC does not amount nor indicate that the SC recommends or endorse the campaign and the SC has not reviewed this advertisement and does not take responsibilities for the content of this material. Any issue of units to which the Disclosure Documents relate will only be made upon receipt of the completed application form referred to in and accompanying the Disclosure Documents, subject to the terms and conditions therein. You can obtain copies of the Disclosure Documents from the head office of Principal Asset Management Berhad, our website at or from any of our approved distributors. There are fees and charges involved in contributing to the private retirement scheme. We suggest that you consider these fees and charges carefully prior to contributing. Product Highlights Sheet (“PHS”) is available and investors have the rights to request for a PHS; and the PHS and any other product disclosure document should be read and understood before making any investment decision. We suggest that you make your own risk assessment by referring to specific risk associated with Private Retirement Scheme in the Disclosure Document and seek professional advice, where necessary.
^ The name “PRS Plus” is the name of the private retirement scheme solution by the PRS Provider. It does not in any way connote or warrant that this Scheme will necessarily outperform other private retirement schemes or have additional features that may be lacking in other private retirement scheme solutions.