Principal PRS Year End Campaign 2023 CIMB PPA_Top banner

Be rewarded with Touch ‘n Go eWallet Credits with Principal PRS


Campaign Period

21 Oct 2023, 12:00am to 31 Dec 2023, 11:59pm (both dates inclusive)


For new sign-up or top-up via

  • CIMB Bank (inclusive of CIMB Clicks); or
  • Private Pension Administrator ("PPA") PRS Member Portal



Minimum gross investment/ top-up of RM3,000 in a single transaction into Principal PRS funds (Class A or Class C only).

Touch ‘n Go eWallet Credits worth RM30

Minimum gross investment/ top-up of RM5,000 in a single transaction into Principal PRS funds (Class A or Class C only).

Touch ‘n Go eWallet Credits worth RM50

The investment amount must be fresh funds to Principal. It excludes:

  • switch-in from an existing investment in Principal’s PRS funds into another Principal’s PRS funds; and
  • Redeem and Reinvest transactions.

Note: Participant MUST have a Touch ‘n Go eWallet (“TNG eWallet”) registered to the mobile phone number which the Participant has provided to Principal. The Reward will be disbursed by Touch ‘n Go through direct credit transaction into the Participant’s TNG eWallet App. 

Please click here for the terms and conditions (T&C) applicable for the Campaign.

Why invest in PRS?

It’s important to have multiple sources of income to rely on after retirement. PRS serves as an additional income stream besides your mandatory retirement savings (if any). The earlier you start planning and investing for retirement, the more impact you can have on your total retirement wealth.


Enjoy tax relief for the first RM3,000 of your PRS contribution (valid until year 2025)


Allows automated contribution through Regular Savings Plan (min RM100 per month)


Top-up via PRS virtual account, PPA Online or cheque

Right document

Flexibility in fund selection (Conventional & Islamic)


Enjoy potential growth to your investments and take advantage of compound earnings


Nominate beneficiaries on your PRS balances in the event of demise

What to do next?

Disclaimer: This information is intended for your general information only and must not be construed as an offer or a recommendation to invest in our Funds and neither does it take into account any investor’s particular circumstances. The following Disclosure Documents have been duly registered with the Securities Commission Malaysia (“SC”): PRS Plus^ Fourth Replacement Disclosure Document dated 23 September 2022 and Principal Islamic PRS Plus^ Fourth Replacement Disclosure Document dated 23 September 2022 (collectively refers as “Disclosure Documents”). We recommend that you read and understand the contents of these Disclosure Documents before contributing and that you keep the said Disclosure Documents for your records. A copy of the Disclosure Document including any supplemental thereof and the Product Highlight Sheet (if any) may be obtained at our offices, distributors or our website at The issuance of any units to which the Disclosure Document relates will only be made on receipt of an application referred to in and accompanying a copy of the Disclosure Document. There are fees and charges involved in contributing in the PRS. We suggest that you consider these fees and charges carefully prior to making a contribution. Unit prices and income distributions, if any, may fall or rise. Past performance is not reflective of future performance and income distributions are not guaranteed. For specific risks associated with PRS, please refer to the Disclosure Documents. As an investor you should make your own risk assessment and seek professional advice, where necessary. SC does not review advertisements produced by Principal.

^The name “PRS Plus” is the name of the PRS solution by Principal. It does not in any way connote or warrant that this Scheme will necessarily outperform other private retirement schemes or have additional features that may be lacking in other PRS solutions.