Webinar: Positioning for Megatrends in Malaysia by Lavis Chong, Portfolio Manager (Equity) from Principal Malaysia

Watch our webinar on Positioning for megatrends in Malaysia. Although there are some worries, such as the increasing chance of a recession and the potential for stubborn inflation, there are also grounds for hope. For instance, China's tourism expenditures and the Federal Reserve's quicker-than-anticipated pivot could spark a market rally. We believe that these market conditions often provide opportunities for a significant upswing in the future.

In Malaysia, we are also gaining from the "China Plus One" and foreign direct investment, infrastructure initiatives, and clarity in policies following the 2023 Budget.1 Our approach entails evaluating technology firms specializing in electric vehicles, industrial semiconductors, software, and integrated circuit design.1 Moreover, we are monitoring industries that have suffered significant losses, but the outlook could start to improve, such as gloves and consumer goods that benefit from cost stabilization.

Source: The Star, 7 March 2023