Principal Islamic Conservative Wholesale Fund-of-Funds (formerly known as CIMB Islamic Conservative Wholesale Fund-of-Funds)

Fund Performance

As at date :
As at date :
Fund Year To Date Performance (%) 1Year (%) 3Year (%) 5year (%) Since Inception (%) NAV (MYR) Fund Size (MYR million)
Principal Islamic Conservative Wholesale Fund-of-Funds (formerly known as CIMB Islamic Conservative Wholesale Fund-of-Funds) 4.95 % 6.04 % 0.00 % 0.00 % 9.27 % 1.0927 0.05
Benchmark 6.90 % 8.39 % 0.00 % 0.00 % 12.81 %
Benchmark : As a fund-of-funds, the Fund is benchmark unconstrained, i.e. it will be managed without reference to any specific benchmark. However, for performance comparison purpose, the Fund can be compared to the 50% Quantshop GII Medium Index + 25% CIMB Islamic 1-month Fixed Return Income Account-I (FRIA-i) + 25% FTSE Bursa Malaysia EMAS Shariah Index.

Income Distribution History

Disclaimer : Annualised yield is calculated as the most recent monthly dividend distribution multiplied by the Fund’s dividend frequency and divided by the latest NAV.

General Information

To achieve capital stability by investing in a portfolio of Shariah-compliant collective investment schemes that invest in Shariah-compliant equities and/or Sukuk. 

Fund is suitable for investors who:

  • Seek for a potentially less volatile investment return ;
  • Have a medium term to long term investment horizon ;
  • Want a portfolio of Shariah-compliant CIS that have exposure to Sukuk and Shariah-compliant equities; and
  • Want a portfolio of investments that adhere to Shariah principles.

Fund Details

Distribution Policy The fund is not expected to pay any distribution. However, we have the discretion to make income distribution on an ad-hoc basis, depending on the availability of realized income and/or realized gains, as well as the performance of the fund. 
Investment Time Horizon Recommended 3 years or more.
Initial Investment Minimum RM5000.
Additional Investment RM2000 or more at any time.
Cooling off period You have six (6) Business Days from the date the application form is received and accepted by us from the first time investor investing with us. However, Principal Asset Management's staff and person(s) registered to deal in unit trust of Principal Asset Management are not entitled to the cooling-off right.
Withdrawal NIL
Launch Date 24 November 2017

Fund Partner

Offered directly by Principal Asset Management Berhad

Fund Fees

Application Fees NIL
Annual Fees Management Fee: 1.20% per annum of the NAV
Trustee Fee: 0.035% per annum of the NAV
Switching Fees NIL