Notification Merger PAM

The Funds in the table below are feeder funds that invest into the respective Target Fund(s) managed by Principal Islamic Asset Management (Ireland) Plc (“Target Fund Company”).

NoFundsTarget Funds
1 Principal Islamic Global Sukuk Fund Global Sukuk Fund
2 Principal Islamic Asia Pacific Dynamic Income & Growth Fund Islamic Asia Pacific Dynamic Income & Growth Fund
3 Principal Islamic Global Multi-Asset Fund Islamic Global Multi-Asset Fund
4 Principal Islamic Global Responsible Equity Fund Islamic Global Responsible Equity Fund


We have been notified by the Target Fund Company, via a notice dated 26 March 2024, on the proposal to merge the Target Fund(s) with the sub-fund(s) of Principal Global Investors Funds.

The proposed merger is subject to the approval of the Target Funds’ unit holders through a special resolution at the extraordinary general meeting conducted by Principal Islamic Asset Management (Ireland) Plc. We will update you of the outcome of the extraordinary general meeting on our website, and should the resolution be passed by the respective unit holders, we expect the merger to take effect on 10 May 2024. We expect for the proposed merger to have minimal impact on your investments in the Funds.

We look forward to providing you with best-in-class wealth management services through a full range of investment products. Should you require clarification or further information with regard to the above, please contact your servicing consultant for assistance. Alternatively, you may also contact our Customer Care Centre at 03-7723 7260, WhatsApp at 6016-299 9792, or e-mail us at

Thank you.