2022 Quarter 1 Market Outlook

Equity by Patrick Chang.

6 min 30 sec view     I     Date: 29 December  2021

2021 has been a choppy economic environment but with more vaccination rollouts globally, we have had a very strong rebound in economic activities. This has been more pronounced in developed markets like the US and Europe as both these regions have had strong economic activity leading to very strong equity markets. 

In this video, Patrick will cover:

  • An overview of the equity market’s performance in 2021
  • The Global outlook for capital markets in 2022
  • Asia, ASEAN and Malaysia outlook
  • The investment strategy going forward


Fixed Income by Jesse Liew.

5 min 05 sec view     I     Date: 29 December 2021

2021 has certainly been one of the rare occasions where global bond markets chartered a rather dismal performance. Global vaccination rate has been the fastest in human history within a calendar year, yet the pandemic still stays with us until today with a new strain threatening the imposition of fresh lockdowns.

In this video, Jesse will cover:

  • A review of fixed income performance in 2021
  • The Global outlook for fixed income in 2022
  • The strategy going forward 


Global Sukuk by Mohd Fadzil Mohamed.

3 min 21 sec view     I     Date: 29 December 2021

Despite some fluctuations in the earlier part of the year, the Global Sukuk market continued to perform in the fourth quarter and gained further momentum towards the year end. 

In this video, Mohd Fadzil will cover:

  • Market review for Global Sukuk in 2021
  • Global Sukuk outlook in 2022