CIMB Islamic PRS Plus Equity - Class C

Fund Performance

As at date :
As at date :
Fund Year To Date Performance (%) 1Year (%) 3Year (%) 5year (%) Since Inception (%) NAV (MYR) Fund Size (MYR million)
CIMB Islamic PRS Plus Equity - Class C -3.56 % 1.43 % -7.82 % -9.39 % 10.56 % 0.5528 2.71
Benchmark 3.85 % 3.85 % -0.55 % -4.47 % 6.68 %
Benchmark : FTSE Bursa Malaysia EMAS Shariah Index

General Information

The Fund seeks to provide capital growth over the long-term by investing in a target fund with investments in Malaysian securities that comply with the Shariah principles.

This Fund is suitable for Members who:

  • want a Shariah-compliant investment;
  • are seeking for capital appreciation; and/or
  • are willing to accept significant fluctuation in the value of his/her investment.

Fund Details

Fund category / Type Feeder Fund – Equity (Shariah)
Benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia EMAS Shariah Index.

Note: The risk profile of the Fund is not the same as the risk profile of the benchmark.
Asset Allocation
  • At least 95% of the Fund’s NAV will be invested in the CIMB Islamic DALI Equity Growth Fund;
  • Up to 5% of the Fund’s NAV will be invested in liquid assets for liquidity purpose.
Principal risks Risks associated with investment in the Target Fund and Concentration risk 
Target Fund risks Stock specific risk and reclassification of Shariah status risk.
Initial Offer Price per unit RM 0.5000
Distribution policy The Fund is not expected to pay any distribution.
Launch date 12 November 2012
Financial year-end 31 August.
Cooling off period Six (6) Business Days from the date the application form is received and accepted by the PRS Provider. Please note that this cooling-off right is only given to a first time Member registered with PPA who is investing with any PRS provider.
Minimum contribution RM 100
Minimum additional contribution RM 50

Fund Partner

  • Principal Distributors
  • CIMB Bank

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Fund Fees

Fees and charges charged by Principal Asset Management

Sales Charge Max. 0.50% of the NAV per unit*
Management Fee 1.50% p.a. of the NAV of the Fund
Transfer Fee (to another PRS providers) Max. RM25
Trustee Fee 0.04% p.a. of the NAV of the Fund

* Notwithstanding the maximum Sales Charge disclosed above, Members may negotiate for lower charges but it is subject to Principal Asset Management Berhad’s discretion.

Fees and charges charged by Private Pension Administrator ("PPA")

PPA account opening fee RM 10
PPA annual fee*** RM 8
PPA pre-retirement withdrawal Fee  RM 25
PPA transfer fee (to another PRS provider)  RM 25
PPA administration fee**** 0.04% p.a. of the NAV of the Fund

*** a) Not payable for the year the account is opened
     b) Not payable on the year there is no contribution
**** The annual PPA administration fee is accrued daily based on the NAV of the Fund and paid monthly.